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The 3 Barriers to Multifamily Development

Input from local citizens significantly influences development. In addition, most survey respondents indicated that citizen opposition to growth/NIMBYism is important in regulation the rate of residential development in their community.

By Erika Morphy | May 06, 2019 

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WASHINGTON, DC—The National Apartment Association has released its US Apartment Barriers to Construction report, which takes a look at the key factors in 29 major metro areas across the United States that make apartment construction more difficult.

The survey included 91 questions and 5 external data points that were aggregated into ten subindices to measure development complexity in each market, including the impact of community involvement, construction costs, residents and affordability issues, infrastructure, density & growth restrictions, land supply, environmental restrictions, approval process complexity, political structure complexity and time to develop a new property. It drilled down and came up with three major barriers to multifamily development.

Source: GlobeSt