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Debt Fund Value Proposition

Eagle Property Capital is teaming up with Hillcrest Finance, a deeply experienced credit team, to launch a new strategic debt fund.

Assets Based Lending

Strategic acquisition, origination, management and repositioning of nonperforming asset-backed real estate mortgages

First/senior mortgages and subordinate debt (i.e. mezzanine loans and/or preferred equity investments)

Lend up to an average 75% LTV (from 65% on Credit and Income and up to 90% for Special Situations)

On Real
Estate Assets

Multifamily, industrial, retail, office, hotel; on a selective basis alternative asset classes could be considered (e.g. storage, student housing, etc.)

Across the risk spectrum from stabilized to transitional assets

Balanced/diversified portfolio across property sectors and U.S. Geography

Operate in sectors where EPC and Hillcrest have deep expertise

In Markets with
Entry Barriers
and Substantial
Economic Growth

High quality middle-market ($5.0M to $20.0M investment size)

Locations with strong fundamentals and attractive long-term growth potential

In-fill locations with barriers to entry and/or constraints on supply